Kwanza: A Faux Holliday Fo’ Dumb Dems



That ever-overflowing font of Democrat Wisdom, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, gave us this gem last week: “Is there not an appreciation for the Jewish holidays? The Christmas holiday? Kwanzaa? All the other things that families come together around?”




Indeed!  Kwanzaa with a question mark, and we only have to go back as far as Herodotus to know “There is nothing more foolish…than a useless mob.”  Unless maybe it is the leader of such a mob!


The only believers in in the foolishness that is Kwanzaa and its seven principles of Marxist gibberish (Nguzo Saba) are those in that useless mob known as Democrats, the Mainstream Media (but I…you know the rest), the befuddled, and the betrayed.


To begin with, the “scholar” who invented this “holiday” did so shortly before he began serving time in prison for “torturing two black women who were members of the United Slaves, a black nationalist cult he had founded.”


The “scholar” reached into Swahili to find a name for it, since, as we all know, almost every single African carried off to the horror that was chattel slavery in the Western Hemisphere spoke---a language other than Swahili.


Instead of embracing their true heritage---the richness that was West Africa’s history and culture---the charlatans behind some the various Black Nationalism and Pan-African movements looked to Egypt and East Africa to find inspiration ---maybe it was to break from civil rights leaders like Bayard Rustin and Martin Luther King, Jr. or intellectuals like Richard Wright and W. E. B. Du Bois or traditional figures like Harriet Tubman and Booker T. Washington.


In any case, many of us stodgy old white guys and gals who lived and studied as young adults during those turbulent early ‘60s missed some of these undercurrents as we watched, sympathized with, or joined in the fight for the desegregation of schools, lunch counters, and busses and listened to or read the voices of Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, Malcolm X, and the like.


We thought that the fight, once settled, would bring us together, but it hasn’t, for, while bequeathing to us much that is good in today’s society, a great portion of  it gave us the separatism of the Black Panthers and its successors and ilk or the race-hustling of the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, and their ilk.


But, above all, it gave us various departments of “African Studies” on campuses across the land. 


However, the benefits arising from such “studies” are, at best, obscure to the uninitiated.


And that’s where Swahili comes in, for the leading lights within the field have concluded that since Swahili is the “most widely spoken African Language in Sub-Saharan Africa” and because of “its status as a lingua franca in the east and central African region” it should, therefore, be studied to help the descendants of West African slaves to better understand their cultural heritage.


Now, that’s a logical argument easily understood by Democrats!


One of the leading proponents of that argument is Dr. Maulana Karenga, né Ronald McKinley Everett, professor and chairman of Black Studies at California State University, Long Beach, who created Kwanzaa in 1966 after having awarded to “himself the lofty title ‘maulana’ which means ‘master teacher’ in Swahili,” or  just “Our Master.”  Extensive searching fails to reveal why Mr. Everett adopted or awarded to himself his new surname. 


We also can learn here, in a must-read piece (author---this link doesn’t always work in FireFox) about the cult of Dr. Karenga, that, as a name, “Maulana” is as phony as “Kwanzaa” is:


The name Maulana in Arabic means "Our Lord" or "Our Master". It is in fact a title for Islamic leaders, not a name. Additionally, many who speak Arabic and are devout Muslims believe the title should not be used by any people since it is a designation of their God/Allah. Karenga has taught people that the word "Maulana" is a name which means Master Teacher in Swahili, and that is absolutely false.


In reading about the “creation” of Kwanzaa by Mr. Karenga it is not difficult to think that Kurt Vonnegut might have had Kilgore Trout do the creating.  For example, Vonnegut (pages 201-202) had Trout write about earthlings being kidnapped by beings from the planet Zircon-212:


These fictitious people in the zoo had a big board supposedly showing stock market quotations and commodity (sic) prices along one wall of their habitat, and a news ticker, and a telephone that was supposedly connected to a brokerage on Earth. The creatures on Zircon-212 told their captives that they had invested a million dollars for them back on Earth, and that it was up to the captives to manage it so that they would be fabulously wealthy when they were returned to Earth.


Vonnegut easily could have had Trout write of the Tralfamadorian holiday of “Da Juice” and the meaning of the “Special Candles” used in its celebration!


Of the creation of Kwanzaa one learns:


After the Watts riots in Los Angeles, Dr. Karenga searched for ways to bring African-Americans together as a community. He founded US, a cultural organization, and started to research African "first fruit" (harvest) celebrations. Karenga combined aspects of several different harvest celebrations, such as those of the Ashanti and those of the Zulu, to form the basis of Kwanzaa.




Kwanzaa soon became an ideal forum to further explore our cultural roots; recognizing the unique heritage of African-Americans as fruits from both worlds….Kwanzaa’s birth stems from a cultural idea and an expression of the US organization which Brother Karenga headed. This new way of exploring self has blossomed into the only nationally celebrated, native, non-religious, non-heroic, non-political African-American holiday….[and] its focus is to pay tribute to the rich cultural roots of People of the African Diaspora…[and] Its’ concept is neither religious nor political, but is rooted strongly in a cultural awareness.


However, we learn of his interview in the Washington Post:


There is nothing authentically African about [this] totally fabricated ceremonial…. Karenga came clean about its origins: “People think its African, but it’s not. I came up with Kwanzaa because black people in this country wouldn’t celebrate it if they knew it was American. Also, I put it around Christmas because I knew that’s when a lot of bloods would be partying.” The truth at last. The Official Kwanzaa Website comes closer to capturing the true purpose of Karenga’s crypto-Marxist seven-day celebration: it is to nurture “conditions that would enhance the revolutionary social change for the masses of Black Americans.”


Read more about this faux holiday here, here, and here.


Think about all this and give a knowing nod this Boxing Day when your local newspaper features the wonders of this most joyous of all holidays, and,  if you are wished a “Kwanzaa yenu iwe na heri” or a “Joyous Kwanzaa,” please do ask the wisher when and where in Africa did Kwanzaa originate and then recite for them all or part of this wonderful poem:


‘Twas the night before Kwanzaa
And all through the ‘hood,
Maulana Karenga was up to no good.

He’d tortured a woman and spent time in jail.
He needed a new scam that just wouldn’t fail.
(“So what if
I stuck some chick’s toe in a vice?
Nobody said revolution was nice!”)

The Sixties were over. Now what would he do?
Why, he went back to school — so that’s “Dr.” to you!
He once ordered shootouts at UCLA
Now he teaches Black Studies just miles away.

Then to top it all off, the good Doctor’s new plan
Was to
get rid of Christmas and piss off The Man.

Karenga invented a fake holiday.
He called the thing
Kwanza. “Hey, what’s that you say?

“You don’t get what’s ‘black’ about Maoist baloney?
You say that my festival’s totally phony?

Who cares if corn isn’t an African crop?
Who cares if our harvest’s a month or two off?
Who cares if Swahili’s not our mother tongue?
A lie for The Cause never hurt anyone!

“Umoja! Ujima! Kujichagulia, too!
Collectivist crap never sounded so cool!
Those guilty white liberals — easy to fool.
Your kids will now celebrate Kwanzaa in school!”

And we heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight:
“Happy Kwanzaa to all,
except if you’re white!” 

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