Shes Right

pains me to have to admit that anything
HHS Secretary
Kathleen Sebelius has to say is
correct, but in the gut-wrenching
case of Sarah
Murnaghan she is absolutely
right---Someone lives and someone dies.

Notwithstanding the
inelegance of her statement, that
is the painful and sad reality of the

getting into the
particulars of Miss Murnaghans case, I ask that you place
yourself at the
entrance to a
triage location
during a mass casualty
situation. You might
see, for example, the first victim
being carried in and hear the triage coordinator
say, This one wont
survive, so put the litter down over there and administer
morphine until he

the next one comes in
and the coordinator might say, This one does not have
life-threatening injuries,
so put the litter down over at that other place,
administer morphine, and well
get to her when we

then one comes in and
you might hear, We can save this one, so get

Thats how it
works---thems the

lives and someone

The wife of victim one can
scream all she wants to,
but the rules are that resources are to be deployed to
save the ones who can
be saved no matter the agony of the loved ones of the other
victims to whom
care may not be able to be administered.

Someone lives and someone


rules may well be arbitrary,
but so long as they are not also capricious
they must be followed until they
are properly

Long ago I worked as a
civilian social welfare
counselor with the military, overseas and stateside,
and on returning from
Vietnam I was posted to the Naval
Shipyard in New

My office was in the
Naval Hospital, but I
also shared an office at the notorious and
equally overcrowded
prison that was
located on the same island as the shipyard and

When I was arguing too hard
once for a temporary
of a prisoner, the Senior Chaplain, a veteran of two field tours in
with the Marines, gave me a piece of advice that has served me well:
You must deal
with your clients as trauma surgeons and ladies of the night
deal with
theirs---This isnt happening to

That also may well be
inelegantly put, but it, too,
is right: A counselor or a trauma surgeon or a
hooker must be totally
dispassionate in dealing with clients---no personal
involvement with clients
or clients problems, no trying to do good, and no
side-stepping of the
rules. Each must do
their jobs professionally, and the
outcomes, most of the times, will be the
right ones.

lets look at the case of
Sarah Murnaghan.

Teams of professionals from
numerous disciplines
rules and
, over time and with much thought, for lung transplants
in order
to insure, as best as they could determine, who should get
transplants and in
what order those transplants should be given so that the
scarce resources are
not wasted on patients who will not

compassionately place
one person, be that person a sympathetic little girl
or somebodys buddy or
relative, at the head of a line on which that person
does not belong according
to the rules and guidelines governing placement on
that line means that every
other person appropriately on that line gets
bumped down, and one of those
persons might die because that
compassionately-placed person had been given,
inappropriately, a chance to

that is wrong,
and it is capricious!

If you have
a problem with
that, I can just tell you, as Id like to tell Hannity and
everyone else who is
ranting about this, that you should just sit back, take
a deep breath, and
think this through---there are not enough lungs available
for everyone who
needs one to get one.

Get over it---
Somebody lives and somebody

If you think the rules and
guidelines are wrong or
out of date, then make your crusade one to reevaluate
and change, if
necessary, the rules and guidelines, but dont get all weepy and
up in arms
because the rules and guideline that are in place are being
properly, if
arbitrarily, followed.

I certainly have a great
deal of compassion for
little Sarah Murnaghan and her family, but I also have
compassion for
everybody else on both the pediatric and adult waiting lists and

Imagine that your father
has been bumped down by Miss
Murnaghan and then that he dies whilst finally finding
himself at the head
of that line. He was
there and then at the head of the
line, and not in recovery, since he had not been
the recipient of the
previous transplant because of his having been bumped down
earlier by Miss

My guess is that youd be
really ticked---a liberal
might not be ticked, but you sure as hell would be
really ticked!

while Im at it, and
while I hate disagreeing with things that Sarah Palin
has to say, I have the
same advice to her---sit back, take a deep breath,
and think it through---

are on the way because there are not enough resources available
in order to
give complete healthcare to everyone needing complete

With a hat-tip to Powerlines
(more on that very learned---and wine-loving---guy in a
post), let me paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill: Unlike the
these resources cannot miraculously replenish themselves.

its only going to get
worse because every advance in healthcare means that
more people will live
because of their having had the benefits of those
advances---and each of us will
need more healthcare for longer periods of

the pool of providers
of resources for that healthcare grows proportionately
smaller every day.

Get used to it: Somebody
lives and somebody
dies---and dont be surprised when we eventually get to the
point (as

has) of Death Panel decisions being made not just on chances-of-life
vs. death criteria but also on quality-of-
life vs. death

(Ace of
forcefully wrote about the girls case at
Breitbart a few days ago---do read it. And read
this for the

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